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The Year in Review – Magic: the Gathering

This Saturday October 4th marks our one year anniversary.  We’ll spend this week taking a look back at our first year while also looking ahead to the amazing things you can expect to see in year 2.


The Year in Review


We ran our first Magic tournament in November 2013.  It was Standard format on Friday night (but not yet Friday Night Magic as we were not yet as Core level store).  We had a massive turnout of 4 people.  We weren’t deterred, however.  By January, our attendance was steadily in the teens and we had reached Core level with the Wizards Play Network.  That meant we got to host official Friday Night Magic, Prereleases, and Game Day.


Our first prerelease was for Born of the Gods.  Since it was our first prerelease we were allocated support for only 20 players.  We ran the event at midnight with pre-registration opening two weeks early and selling out in less than 24 hours.  Our prerelease events have continued to grow as we had just over 100 entrants for our Khans events.


After we had achieved Core level status with the WPN, we set our sights on Advanced level.  Advanced level would open up more possibilities.  A second official FNM, more prerelease opportunities, a second Game Day and higher allocations on products like From the Vault and the upcoming Duel Deck Anthologies.


There are 5 metrics that determine a store’s status in the WPN: number of events, number of new players, number of unique players, largest event, and reporting delinquency rate.  We met four of the five, but to achieve Advanced we needed 100 different players to have played in our events.  In June, we crossed that threshold and became Wichita Falls only Advanced level store.


There is one final level in the WPN, Advanced Plus.  I will admit that when we hit Advanced, I considered Advanced Plus to be a bit of a pipe dream.  However, after looking over our latest metric report from Wizards, I’m realizing that Advanced Plus is a real possibility.  We’ve already achieved two of the five metrics, and we’re moving steadily towards the other three.  Hopefully, this time next year, we will have hit that final hurdle.


The Year in Preview


Year One involved a lot of learning and getting our feet under us.  It was a great year for us in Magic, but we’re expecting Year Two to be huge.


First, beginning with the Khans Game Day weekend, we’ll be launching our Magic Tournament Loyalty Rewards Program.  Each tournament you play in our store will earn you points.  Each point can be used to get one dollar off a box up to $20 off or one dollar off a Fat Pack up to $10.  The Rewards will be redeemable at any time on any in stock product.  Points will be rewarded as follows:


FNM – 1 point
Prereleases – 5 points
Game Day – 10 points
Prelim PTQs – 20 points


Yes, you read that right.  We’ll be hosting Prelim PTQs starting early next year!


We’ve had a lot of people looking for a slightly more competitive type of event to play in, and the PTQs will be one of several offerings throughout the next year.  We will be hosting 1 PTQ per season for a total of 4 PTQs in 2015.


If that’s not enough to fill your competitive needs, each of our future prereleases will have a competitive event.  In these events, we’ll play Swiss rounds based on attendance (probably 5) and then cut to Top 8 and have a playoff.  The winner of our Khans competitive event walked away with half a box and a sweet Swiss Army backpack.


We are also working hard to get a Star City Invitational Qualifier on the schedule.  It can be very hard to find a weekend that doesn’t conflict with another event close enough that we would be fighting for players.


If competitive play isn’t your thing, we’ll also maintain our current Friday Night Magic structure.  $5 entry fee.  4 rounds of Swiss.  Everyone goes home with something.


With our second FNM, in November we’ll be adding a FREE Standard event once a month.  This is a great time for people who haven’t experienced a tournament or who aren’t sure about playing in an organized environment a chance to test the waters to see what tournament play is all about.  As an added bonus, anyone who has never played in a sanctioned tournament before will get a pack just for entering.


We’ve got a few more surprises in store for everyone in the next 12 months, but we’ve got to save some of it for later.  Thank you to everyone who has made our first year such an amazing one, and we hope to try to make our second even better.


Check back later this week for the Year in (P)reviews:


Tuesday: Miniature Games
Wednesday: Comics
Thursday: Board Games
Friday: Everything Else.


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