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September Schedule Update

We’re a couple days late on getting next month’s schedule posted, but here it is.


First, the major events of the month.


Wednesday, September 3rd will be the Death of Wolverine Memorial event.  That week we’ll all gather to pay our final respects to everyone’s favorite canucklehead.


Saturday, September 6th will be Epic Board Game Day.  The entire day will be dedicated to one huge board gaming session.  We’ll have demo copies of games as usual, but if there’s anything you want to bring or play, let us know as well.


Tuesday, September 9th we’ll be back at the Iron Horse for another round of Pub Trivia.  We’ll get started at 9:00.


Saturday, September 13.  Doomtown Reloaded Demos.  Come check out this new card game from AEG, one of the hottest upcoming games on the market.


Friday September 19th at midnight.  The first Khans of Tarkir Prerelease event.  This event will be limited to 24 players.  We’ll open pre-registration at FNM Friday September 5th for this event.  THIS EVENT WILL SELL OUT.  If you want to participate, please pre-register.


Saturday, September 20th will be the first Wichita Falls Game Expo.  I’ll be posting more details about this event next week, but we’ll be at the Wellington Convention Center from 10-10.  This event will have a portion of our Khans of Tarkir Prerelease Events, an X-Wing tournament, a Warmachine/Hordes tournament, a Netrunner tournament, and a Munchkin tournament along with game demos all day long.


Sunday,  September 21st.  The final Khans of Tarkir Pre-Release event of the weekend.


Saturday, September 28th.  We’ll mark the launch of Khans of Tarkir by running 8-man draft queues all day.  Cost will be $13 and drafts will start as soon as we have 8 players.


Finally, the War of Light is coming to Wichita Falls.  Sunday, September 28th, we’ll be hosting a HeroClix War of Light tournament.  Sealed boosters have already sold out, so entry for this event will be $10 and it will be Constructed.


Now, on the weekly events.  There were a few changes to the weekly schedule.  First, Cardfight Vanguard will be moving to Thursdays and LCG night will be moving to Tuesdays.  A Numenera campaign is being added to the Monday night schedule, and Golem Arcana is being added to Wednesday nights.  YuGiOh is also moving from 1:00 on Sundays to 4:00.  Entry fee will be $7 and we’ll begin playing down to a winner instead of just awarding prizes based on record after 3 rounds.  Here is the weekly schedule in full:


Star Trek Attack Wing  12:30  (Constructed OP on the 14th, Sealed on the 28th)
YuGiOh  4:00
HeroClix  4:00  War of Light on the 28th


Magic Commander Night
Krosmaster Arena
Numenera RPG


Living Card Game Night

Golem Arcana
D&D Encounters

Cardfight Vanguard
Deckbuilding Game Night
Marvel Dice Masters (Official OP 25th)


Standard FNM 6:00
Rotating Draft/Moden FNM 8:00

X-Wing Open Play 4:00



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