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August Schedule Update

It’s the third Monday of the month which means it’s time for our August schedule update.


First let’s hit the special events.


August 2 – noon – Miniature models painting class


Your chance to come learn techniques for painting miniatures models.


August 9 – noon.  August 10 – 2:00 – Magic the Gathering M15 Game Day – $10


Yes, there will be two Game Days for us.  Come out either day (or both) to get an exclusive foil participation promo, top 8 foil promo and exclusive play mat for the champion.


August 12 – 9:00 pm – Geek Trivia at the Iron Horse


Come out for our latest monthly battle of geek wits.


August 16 – noon – X-Wing Escalation Tournament – $5


The Escalation Event is back.  Come play in an X-Wing tournament with scaling squad points.  4 rounds. 60 points, 90 points, 120 points, 150 points.  Everyone really enjoyed this event last time.  Even if you’ve never played in a tournament before, the environment is still very friendly and laid back, so come check it out.


August 17 – Star Trek Attack Wing Constructed OP2 – 3:00 – $5


All Star Trek storyline events will use standardized rules.  100 pt fleets.  Planet object in the center of the map.  Ships are faction pure.  Borg Cube and Borg Sphere are banned.  This is the second qualifying tournament for the Collective.  8 players will qualify for the finals and a chance at an assimilated Galaxy class exclusive to this event.


August 23 – Star City Open Trial – noon – $10


Standard format.


August 30 – Living Card Game Demo Day – 12-5 – FREE


For anyone unfamiliar with Living Card Games, they are basically Trading Card Games with fixed distribution instead of blind boosters.  For example, when an expansion comes out for Netrunner, you buy a Data Pack which costs $15 and has a full playset of all the cards from that expansion.  No $50 rares.  No piles of duplicates.  August 30, we’ll be running demos for Netrunner, Star Wars LCG, Game of Thrones LCG, Lord of the Rings LCG, Warhammer 40k Conquest, and Doomtown.


Now let’s take a look at our weekly schedule for August.  There are just a few minor changes this month.




YuGiOh Tournament – 12:30 – $5
Star Trek Attack Wing – 3:00 – Open Play and tournaments on alternate weekends.
HeroClix- 4:00 – FREE – tournaments every Sunday.




Magic the Gathering Commander – 5:00 – Open Play
KrosMaster Arena – 5:30 – Open Play and tournaments on alternate weeks.  Tournaments are $5
Star Wars Edge of the Empire RPG – 6:00 – FREE




Warmachine/Hordes – 5:00 – Scars of Caen League Play – FREE
Cardfight Vanguard – 6:00 – $5 – Tournaments every week
Pathfinder Society RPG – 5:00 – FREE




Pokemon – 5:00 – Open Play and trading – FREE
Futurecard Buddyfight – 5:00 Open play – FREE
X-Wing – 5:00 – Open Play
Dungeons and Dragons NEXT Encounters – 5:00 – FREE starting Aug 20.




Marvel Dice Masters – 5:30 – Open Play.  Tournament the last Thursday of the month.  Tournament is also FREE.
Deckbuilding Game Night – Great night for DC Deckbuiling, Dominion, Ascension, etc.
LCG Night – Netrunner, LotR, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, WH40K, Doomtown




Friday Night Magic – Standard – 6:00 – $5
Friday Night Magic2 – Alternating Draft and Modern – 8:00 $13 draft, $5 Modern




Board Game Night – 5-10 – FREE
Pathfinder Emerald Spire SuperDungeon – 6:00 – FREE


The notable changes to the weekly schedule:


Buddyfight and X-Wing are both moving to Wednesday night.  It’s just too crowded on Saturdays and those games are the best candidates to move.


D&D Encounters is also coming to Wednesday nights starting August 20th.


Thursday night is getting a full overhaul.  Deckbuilding games (not TCGs or LCGs) like Ascension and DC Deckbuilding have gotten a big enough following for their own night.  LCGs are also moving to Thursday night.  All LCGs will have open play on Thursdays.  We’ll also be able to teach most DBGs or LCGs for anyone who wants to learn.


Finally, on Saturday night, we’ll be running the Pathfinder Emerald Spire Super Dungeon.  This group is already filling up fast so if you want to get in on the fun, let us know soon.

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