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July Schedule Update

It’s the third Monday of the month which means it’s time to announce our July schedule.


First, I want to thank everyone who has taken part in any of our events.  You’ve helped us create an amazing community, and we’re doing everything we can to continue to grow and develop that community.


On July 8th, The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth.  Geek trivia once again invades the Iron Horse Pub downtown at 9:00.  Our first time was a huge success, and our next stop will be even better.  While we will announce some more details on the event in the coming weeks, I do want to let everyone know that the topics will be wider ranging this time around.


July 12th and 13th marks the M15 Prerelease for Magic.  We will be running 4 prerelease events over the weekend.  The first will be midnight Friday night/Saturday morning.  The second will be at noon on Saturday.  Then we’ll have a 2 Headed Giant event at 6:00 on Saturday and finally a regular sealed event Sunday at 3:00.  All events are $25 per player.  Pre-registration for all events will open June 27th at 4:00 pm.  THE FIRST 15 PLAYERS TO PRE-REGISTER FOR ANY OF THE EVENTS WILL RECEIVE A FREE GEEKOPOLIS PLAYMAT.


July 12th we’ll also be downtown at the Big Boy Toy Show at the MPEC from 10-5.  Come on down and say hi.


July 26th we’ll be hosting a Standard format Star City Open Trial.  Entry will be $10.


July 5th will be a standard format X-Wing minis tournament at noon.  Entry is $10 and prizes will be store credit.  100 point squads.  Our X-Wing community is on the verge of really taking off.  If you’ve been wanting to play this game, come check it out.  Open play is Saturday nights at 4:00, and we’ll be starting an Epic Play league later this summer.


July 19th we’ll have a Warmachine/Hordes tournament at noon.  Entry will be $10.  Prize will be store credit.  35 point armies.


The Star Trek Attack Wing Collective Event will start in July.  We will run two concurrent events.  One will be sealed pack, the other will be 100-point Constructed.  The first Constructed will be July 20th at 3:00.  The first sealed will be July 27th at 3:00.


For the sealed events, each player receives 2 blind boosters with ships from the Collective tournament brick.  You will then build a 60 point fleet from those two ships.  Faction mixing will be allowed for those events.  The player who accumulates the most points over three months of events will win the grand prize for the event.


The Constructed format will use the scenarios lined out on WizKids web page www.wizkidsgames.com/thecollective.  We are playing ship pure rules, i.e. you can have multiple factions of ships, but all cards on each ship must be the faction of the ship.  For each event, all points scored by each player will be added to the faction they played for that event.  If they played multiple factions, their points will be split evenly across those factions.  For example, an all Federation fleet that scores 10 points will have 10 points assigned to Federation.  1 Federation, 1 Klingon would have 5 points each in Federation and Klingon and so on.  There will be 6 factions for this event, Federation, Romulan, Klingon, Dominion, Borg, and “other.”  Other includes any ship not from the other 5 factions.  At the end of the three event Collective series, the top player from each faction along with the two highest scoring players who did not win their faction will play in an 8 person bracket for the grand prize of the Constructed event.


If anyone has any questions about how these events are going to work, PLEASE ask us.


HeroClix DeadPool OP events will run every Sunday at 4:00 except the 13th.  Entry to these events will be free and there will be WizKids OP prizes.  These are also serving as a test to determine if we will run larger Clix events in the future, so if you want that to happen come out and play in these events.


KrosMaster Arena will also be seeing its first Organized Play events this month.  Officially sanctioned tournaments with cool prizes for all participants will be run on July 14th and July 28th at 6:00.  Entry will be $5.


We’re also making some changes to the weekly schedule.  The big one is on Friday nights.  We’ve reached Advanced Level in the Wizards Play Network, so we’ll be hosting TWO Friday Night Magics each week.  The first will still be Standard and continue to start at 6:00.  The second will change between Modern and Draft each week and will start at 8:00 or after Round 2 whichever is later.  That will give players who want to drop from the Standard event after Round 2 the option to do that and play in the second event of the night.  Entry fee for Standard and Modern will be $5.  Entry for Draft will be $13.


Futurecard Buddyfight is moving to Wednesday nights.  Tournaments will start at 6:00 and will be $5.


Marvel Dice Masters is being added to the Thursday night lineup.  Availability for this product remains a significant issue, but a recent restock has allowed some more players to pick it up so we’re adding it to the schedule.  We will not begin official OP until the major restock from WizKids this summer though.


Finally, Thursday night is also going to be Deckbuilding game night.  A lot of you have recently discovered games like Ascension and the DC Deckbuilding game.  Now they’re getting their own game night on Thursday.


So here’s the updated weekly schedule of events:


  • YuGiOh   12:30 $5
  • Star Trek Attack Wing  3:00
  • HeroClix  4:00


  • Magic Commander
  • Krosmaster
  • Star Wars LCG Open Play


  • Pathfinder Society  5:00
  • Cardfight Vanguard  6:00 $5
  • Warmachine/Hordes League


  • Netrunner Open Play
  • Pokemon
  • Futurecard Buddyfight
  • Pathfinder  6:00
  • Alan Moore’s Porch (every other Wednesday)


  • Marvel Dice Masters
  • Pathfinder 6:00
  • Deckbuilding Game Night


  • Friday Night Magic (Standard) 6:00 $5
  • Friday Night Magic 2 (rotating Modern/Draft) 8:00 $5/$13


  • X-Wing Minis Open Play 4:00
  • Board Game Night  5:00
  • Pathfinder (every other Saturday)

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