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GenCon in the books, back to work

I spent most of the last week in Indianapolis for GenCon, the annual gaming convention.  It is very appropriately called the Best Four Days in Gaming.  Fantasy Flight announced and demoed several new titles and expansions.  I think the biggest announcement was the new large ships coming to the X-Wing Miniatures game.  This GenCon was a different experience for me than past editions because this was the first time I went as a store owner.  I was looking beyond just playing games and into things like how the manufacturers display their own games, how best to teach a new game to people who’ve never played it, and how to help new gamers find the games that they will enjoy the most among much other valuable information.  Information that will be a great boon to me in the coming weeks and we make the final preparations in getting the store open.  Which brings us to the next topic.

Construction at the store had been held up waiting on a permit.  I am glad to say that the permit has finally been granted so we are able to start moving forward again.  While it’s still too early to announce when it will be done, we have more information now and are getting closer to being able to announce our opening date.  I don’t want to announce a date and then have to move it, but rest assured I am more than ready to open the doors.  As soon as we can get it done with a date that I know can be achieved, I will make an official announcement.

Next, for our comic fans out there.  There are two major comic book miniseries releases in September, both slated for September 4 release dates.  The first is an 8-part comic book miniseries adaptation of George Lucas’ original script to Star Wars.  This version of the 1974 script to A New Hope is significantly different than the movie that made it into theaters and is expected to be a very popular comic series.

The second is the DC Universe wide event Forever Evil #1.  The release date of these comics put me in the awkward position of deciding how to handle ordering these important books that will go on sale before my store even opens.  On the one hand, I didn’t feel like I could just ignore these #1 issues and just pick up the series in October.  On the other, I couldn’t justify a massive quantity of either knowing how badly people will want them as soon as they are released.  That said, I will have a limited quantity of both books available.  If you want to be sure you get a copy, please send an email to bryan@geekopoliswf.com or a message to Geekopolis on Facebook to reserve your copy.  If you would like to pick up your reserved copy the week of release we will do everything we can to ensure you can do that, but the sooner you let us know the more likely you are to get your book the week it comes out.  I will also have an EXTREMELY limited supply of variant covers for the Forever Evil event.  If you want one of these, let me know right away.  They are first come, first serve and I don’t expect they will last until the store opens.

This is also the perfect time to set up your pull lists.  Our orders on comics are due two months before they ship meaning we are finishing up our order this week for comics shipping in October.  The only way to make sure you get all your favorite comics is to send us a list of all the ones you want.  Any lists sent by Wednesday night will be guaranteed pulls starting in October.  After that will be guaranteed for November.  Popular titles will be available starting at open and if you send your pull lists, there’s a very good chance I can start pulling for you from our September shipment as well.

Now back to the store in general.  Our sign is supposed to arrive this week.  Expect to see it up as soon as we can get it there.  We’ll also be receiving our first shipment of inventory this week.  I’ll post some pics of the fun stuff when it comes in.  Finally, I’m finalizing details on our monthly events along with special events and our demo schedule for October.  I hope to post that next week.  I will also be looking for volunteers to help run/promote/organize events.  If you have any interest in helping with events for any of the following games, please let me know:

-Legend of the Five Rings
-Cardfight Vanguard

-Warhammer Fantasy
-Warhammer 40k
-Star Trek Attack Wing


Living Card Games
-Star Wars
-Game of Thrones
-Android: Netrunner
-Mage Wars (not technically an LCG, but I listed it here nonetheless)

Stay tuned for more updates!

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